Lemon Halibut with Tomato

If you enjoy fresh, wild caught fish, one of your favorite meals would have to be the Lemon Halibut with Tomato large red bell pepper. It’s so simple, yet so delicious, that the chef in me just had to include it into our menu. This fish meal is served with a sauce of lime juice and garlic, a hint of rosemary, a pinch of salt, and hot pepper flakes. Freshly chopped or thinly sliced lemon, bell pepper, and tomato provide a bright acidic flavor to the dish.

I love the way this dish is served and the way people who try it enjoy it. It goes well with any kind of fish that is made with white fish – trout, salmon, mackerel, etc. It also pairs very nicely with shrimp or crab too. And if you happen to like it, then you might just be ready to venture out and get some more!

If you are looking for a light and summery dish to grill, this is the fish for you! I would suggest preparing the fish for a day or two ahead of time if you are planning on serving it during the hot summer months. This allows the flavors to really meld and come together. When summer ends and fall starts, this is the fish you will want to serve to your family and friends!