Glazed Bananas

Glazed bananas are so very tasty, and so very easy to prepare. A perfect sweet treat for any occasion! A variation on the classic banana, these tasty morsels can be made into many different styles and flavors. Serve them warm or at room temperature and enjoy a delicious dessert anytime. whip up a nice batch of this yummy and easy dessert tonight!

Traditional ingredients include but are not limited to; cinnamon, vanilla, honey and milk. You can substitute one or all of these ingredients for your own variation. Just substitute a teaspoon of maple syrup for the honey. This easy dessert is a part of list of 25+ Great Recipes for Kids.

The other wonderful combination I found when making these fresh from the store cinnamon glazed bananas is to dip them in a delicious and tasty Maple Syrup. Use a cookie cutter to make the circles on top of each one. Use the cookie cutter to in various sizes and then take a piece of prepared, cool or chilled fresh from the store syrup and place it in the center of one of those circles. Then scoop some of the cooled syrup over the center and that is all there is to this very delicious recipe.