Figs And Coconut Butter Mix

Making a delicious and healthy breakfast egg is not hard with the combination of Figs and Coconut Butter. This delicious recipe from our “The Easy Healthy Recipes” series will blow your mind away! With only a few simple ingredients (sweet potatoes, butter, eggs, bananas, and milk or soy milk) this breakfast food can be prepared in minutes and is guaranteed to be a big hit with your family and friends. With a rich fluffy texture and a taste that rivals that of your favorite fast food restaurant this healthy recipe has been created for you. If you are looking for a healthy but still very tasty all natural sweet treat then this is it! You simply cannot go wrong with Figs And Coconut Butter.

For our Figs and Coconut Butter Mix recipe we will begin with the first ingredient which is the sweet potato. These unripe gems are extremely delicious and nutritious. They have a slightly nutty flavor which is great for mixing into any recipe. The next ingredient needed for our Figs and Coconut Butter Mix is the butter. This is the key ingredient which brings out the rich creamy texture and flavor of our amazing healthy batter.

The next step is to add the banana to our Figs and Coconut Butter. We prefer to use organic bananas because they are less likely to contain harmful chemicals. Then we simply combine all of our ingredients together and our result is one of the best and most delicious pancakes you will ever make. Don’t worry about the cake Preparation time; this amazing pancake mix will cook itself. Just let it cool down and you are good to go!