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Baked Salmon Fillet

Baked Salmon Fillet is one of the most popular recipes of all time. Even with the rise of more health conscious diets, people love Baked Salmon. I don’t blame them for this as it tastes so good! With a delicious bake, you can easily impress your guests at family gatherings or even a romantic dinner for two. You can also enjoy baked salmon on its own or with any of your favorite accompaniments.

First of all, you need to have a recipe which uses the classic method of baking by using kosher salt and garlic powder. For the seasoning, you need to have some coarsely chopped parsley flakes, kosher salt, and olive oil. Using olive oil will give the baked salmon fillet a nice golden color and help to seal in the flavor. You can also add some dried cranberries or raisins to give it an even better taste.

You can start the cooking process by placing the salmon on a baking tray with the pieces cut away. This will allow for even cooking of all the pieces of salmon. After removing the salmon from the baking trays, place them in a large non-stick frying pan or skillet and make sure that they are coated with olive oil or butter. If you are using butter, make sure that it is very cold when you are ready to use it.